About Gurpreet Sidhu

Gurpreet Sidhu

Gurpreet Sidhu Is The Founder & Ceo Of Forzon. He Helps You, Turn Your Any Passion, Skill Or Knowledge Into Profit By Starting, Running And Growing Your Online Business. 

He Also Helps You, Find Great Online Income Streams, From Where You Can Generate from $1000/Month To $100,000/Month Passive Income.

He Is Testing All The Income Stream System Day By Day, And Finding A Proven & Real Methods To Generate Income.

All The Methods, Told By Him, For Generating Income Via Online Business Are Not Fake. These Are 100% Real.

Gurpreet Sidhu (Founder Of Forzon)

Who is Gurpreet Sidhu

Hello Readers, Thank You For Coming On This Page, I Am Gurpreet Sidhu, Founder & CEO Of Forzon.

On This Page, I Will Give You A Little Background Of Who I Am, And What I Am Doing? I Will Also Tell You Everything About Me, My Story, My Blogging Journey And My Main Aim Of Life. So Let’s Started.

I Am Professional Blogger, Founder & CEO Of Forzon.

I Am From Punjab,India, And My Hometown Is In Amritsar City (Where Sikh Gurdwara, Golden Temple Is Situated). I Am Graduated From D.A.V College, Amritsar.

When I Was In 12th Standard. I Created My Facebook Account First Time. Facebook Was Not A Well Professional As Today It Is, But I Was Very Impressed From It. I Researched More About Other Websites And Blogs, And I Found LinkedIn, Google, Twitter, You-Tube. Before, 12th Standard, I Didn’t Know To How To Use Internet. I Didn’t Know About Google, Facebook, Twitter Etc. I Was Totally Zero.

I Created My Facebook Profile On The Recommendation Of My Friend, And My Fb Profile Also Created My Him.

I Started Doing Research On The Internet, How These Websites, Social Media, Search Engines And Blogs Are Making Money It’s Money. When I Researched, I Was Shocked. These Websites Are Making Billions Of Dollars Each And Every Year.

Then I Thought, I Will Also Started My Online Business. 

  • What Exactly Online Business Is?
  • How To Start These Types Of Business?
  • How These Business Is Generating Its Online Income?

I Researched On The Web About These Questions Properly. And I Found All My Answers. I Started Researching Deeply On It.

When I Started My Graduation. I Also Started Researching On The Internet About It. Because, I Wanted To Make Career In This Field, Therefore, I Took It Very Seriously.

Today, I Have Created This Blog.

This Blog Is Helping You How To Build Your Own Successful Online Business, Turn Your Passion Into Profit And Live A Life On Your Own Terms

"This Blog Is Helping To Do The Same Thing That I Did"

My Story

I Know That Day. The Day Was 27 Feb 2016, And Timing Was Approx. 12.30 P.M.

I Was Going Somewhere With My Friend Pavittar Singh.

Pavittar Singh Is A B.Tech (Computer Science) Student. He Has Graduated From The Amritsar Engineering College. He Is My Best Friend. He Is Web Developer & App Developers.

Suddenly, I Questioned Him;

Pavitter, Do You Know, How Websites And Blogs Created, Which Programming Language Is Used For Creating It And How These Blogs Make Its Money?

Then He Told Me Everything  About These Businesses.

That Was Our Life Changing Day. We Both Become Partners And In A Few Month, We Started Forzon.

What Exactly Forzon Is?

Forzon Is An Online Community, Which Teaches You How To Turn Your Passion Into Profit And Make A Living Online By Building A Successful, Profitable And Lifelong Online Business. It Helps You For Building A Profitable Business In That Category In Which You Take Keen Interest. You Can Read More About Forzon by clicking on below button.

how to build an online business in just 4 easy steps

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my blogging journey

I Have Created This Blog on 24 May 2016. I Have Also Made Money From It. The Money That I Made Was A Small, But I Am Happy, Because I Have Found A Great Income Stream, Which Normal People Don’t Use To Make Money.

Here Is the Proof Of Blogging Income:


My Blogging Goal


In year 2016, I Just Researched about blogging business. i Found Great Ways To Make Money From Blogging.

There Are Over 100+ Ways To Make Money From Blogging. But I Have Created A Great List, That Will Show You, 40+ Methods To Make Money Via Blogging. All These Method Are Proven that will help you, Make Passive Income from your blog.

Below I Am Giving You Free Gift, That Will Show You 40+ Ways To Make Money Via Blogging. It’s 100% Totally Free.

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Aim Of Life

My Important Aim Of Life Is To Help You, Build Your Successful, Profitable, Low Cost And Automated Online Business, That Will Turn Your Passion Into Profit And Live A Life On Your Own Terms.

“My mission is to help approximately 1,00,000+ people create true freedom in life by 2028 by building their own successful, profitable and lifelong online businesses.”